Friday, October 1, 2010

world behind my wall

I'm currently addicted to TOKIO HOTEL :D 
HAHAHAH XD They are so awesome ! I love their songs. At least NOT ALL of their songs are about 'LOVE" -__- Nowadays , its hard to find songs NOT about love. At least tokio hotel sings about life too :D
Like the song world behind my wall , and the dark side of the sun. Those aren't about love , are they?
No right?
HAHAH XD See , they're awesome! 
Okay , so , i know i havent been updating much cos i'm more to facebook. Well , you know why :D
HAHA XD My dirty little secret. Still my little secret :D
School is going great. But , i don't get it. For maths , teacher don't teach that much. I mean she doesn't explain till EVERYONE (me) gets its. Thats why i'll always have to ask hidayah. Orelse , i'll have to learn it all myself. And my homework , i have to learn it myself -.- Don't you know how hard is it to figure things u dont know by yourself? I mean , i'm not tyring to self-praise okay , but.. hmmmphh. And for science , teacher is so not good in explaining. Thats why most of the things that we learn , are things that we figure out by oursleves. 
Well , anyway. The teachers expect us to learn things by ourselves ahh? Haiyoo. 
But all those are just my opinions.
Er , now. I'm filled with homework. Revision. More homework , more revision. Lucky that i dont go for tuition :p
If not i'll be doing MOREEE!
Owkay , thats all for now. Ciao ;D

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