Saturday, October 2, 2010

i miss you :(

i miss you :(
first time i look at you i hate you

second time i look at you i feel love
third time i look at you i cry because someone took you and that girl is my besties !
fourth time i look at you i think im missin you to death . but you love that girl .. i love you more than u love the girl .. but im not perfect for you ...
and i still care about you .. but the way you look at me and i know it you hate me . but why ? that should be me , this is so sad . this is so wrong i can go on .
do i need to fight for this love or not .. and after school u will wait that girl at the corner . and you gus will start to hold hand . how about me ? you sould let me go :'(  . *sob sob sob*
  GOD ! help me , im a failure in love .. is pain in my heart !!


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