Saturday, July 31, 2010

miss you!

i miss you dear ! today is my really awsome day! yeah today i my dad birthday 1 august dude! imagine that 1 august okat whateverrr! yeah i'm watching 'PHINEAS AND FERB' okayyyyy im bored really freaking bored yess and kieyna is not here she's attending a wedding a really really boring wedding! so hell yeah nalyysha is home alone neeed somebody to talk withh ergh im bored really bored so! -.-  evil thingy! yeah bust them who im going to bust no one i wish u were here cousin yeah i miss you to death but u are in 'UNITED KINGDOM' yes i wish i was there with youuu! butbut RAYA i will be with you aite! yessss AINA on lah where are u dude! okayyyy i'm out!

-aina online-

kieyna first make-up:\

first time make up imagine that ! HA HA laugh out loud!:) okay kieyna asked me to make up her face like a peacock and i was just like alright lets do this dude! okay this how the story begin she close her eyes okay so i was like awesome i wanted too 'gotcha u' and my heart say ohh yeah this is the time to revenge my dear nalyysha okay i started with her eyes i put the brush on her eye the colour is blue. i make a big round circle in her eye and i mixed it with pink she say nice colour so in my heart i was laughing! and the pink colour i put it at her nose and this part was awesome! i ask her to take the lipstick and a brush and i make a big circle at her mouth so i was like laughing out loud yeah what a fun mindnight day:) and kieyna thats my revenge to you:) awesome aite!!


ALJENDRO ok this dude is in class 1 .... ok he is reallyyy hot and awsome! i started to love him in since 12.7.2010 yeah i remember the date that i started to love him really honestly...he is romantic and blahblah ! okay my friend here been in love with him i mean a really really sweet couple but they broke up :( (sad) and yeah i heart him very very much and i call him ALJENDRO that is his nick name for me by the way i don't want people to know that i loved ALJENDRO! people who know that i love 'A' is 'aina,dean,dayang,anis,ain,aida,rizal(i think)okay i think that's all the awesome people who know okay ! chowwwww 


dad's birthday :)

hell yeah today is my daddy birthday:) today is 1 august today is my lucky dad birthday im the first one to wish my dad "HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY" and dad thanks for being my friend,besties,big man,man-friend and much more but happy birthday dad may u have a amazing journey dad u are turning 41 daddy u are getting old dad :( haha but to me you always and always infinity young dad! i love u dad and thanks for being and awesome dad:) <3


syafeera die cari pasal dengan anis -.- saja je minah ni die ckp baju yang anis pakai tu die pernah jumpa kat pasar malam..okay if u guys want to know somemore see at anis suraya facebook and not to forget that nalyysha tengan back up anis korang mesti gelak punya:) owh okay im outt need to shower byeeeee! nak tahu lagi tengok kat facebook wokayyyyy!!!!!!:) and for your information syafeera tudung ko mcm kain lap meja ! :D

kieyna :)

boooyahh!! hey okay kieyna? what a weird name for a person okay kieyna is my cousin she is freaky and awsome:) kieyna is in standard 6 okay i hate her a lot!! yeah she likes sohee in wonder girls -.- yeah korean eww..okayokay she is hates me when i write eww to korean i love her just like my cat yeah her fce just like a ugly betty cat:) HAHA! okay we always and always fight for something yeah when we in childhood i like to fight with her! yeah ans i win well u know me HAHA! okay she has a tiny brother his name is aljendro hahah! (nonono) sorry wrong name *ettttttt* okay his real name is adeeb and we call him adeebi:) adeeb is in standard 3 and he is awesome tiny boy! ohh yeah i forgot that kieyna always and always say BAD WORDS haha! and adeeb say stupid things! chowww :)


wellow its going to yellow! hey u yeah u do u know aina? if guys dont know here the info aina is my best friend she is reallyreally awesome yeah she is 13 and she is in 1 baktians yeah she is single!:) yeah to the boy that loikeloike her get that chances! HAHA! okay and aina make this blogger thingy for me and thanks aina u are one and only besties friend!:) and she always say that she is awesome (nonono) HAHA..okayyy i better off nalyysha is going to take her shower OMG! okay byeee guys and aina thanks sayang!