Tuesday, November 30, 2010

my dead blog just been updated :D

Hello blogger ,

its been so long i didn't updated my blog x) . Yeah to much storaay , and lots of KABOOM people that i found in sarawak whorever is 'ucak' x) . I just got back from sarawak so i know how to speak sarawak . yeah did you guys see my status ? the new one , i hate her so much so i hate her lah xO ! HA - HA . . . Ryte my phone rosak screen pecah lah weyh ! now i have no phone no life X) . O O , i met this guy ! aww . . so hot so sweet so cute he knows how to play piano too . me loike loike oh , especially he's voice aww . . yeah ryte wait that guy ? he's my ex he's  fine and happy with his new girlfriend who is labelle my besties i love her . But i still love my ex (!) . Oh no i can't be like that :( , he's happy with his girlfriend so i heard that my ex is planning to get back he's another ex who is aznin the girl that in my status who is my BESTFRIEND too , you know what aznin ur mouth must be stinky because telling crap's story to me and people out there . i don't like you and thats it ! So now i'm afraid about labelle if my ex leave labelle ? Oh no i need to stop this game i can't stand it anymore . Need to stop it but how ? i have no idea and no plan . Dear aznin , since when ur being backstabber ? why ! . U know what i'm tired off all of this game , life , you ! Make a brand new life stop bothering people happines where's yours ? Yeah wait let me buy you a happines a kedai runcit that will be fine for you :) , i'm not being rude her but you stink dude why are you being like this ? Owh my ex has 3 ex who is me , syira and aznin now if my ex leave labelle its gonna be 4 or 3 ? so dear my ex , why are you being playboy i mean ur a playboy DUDE . stop it ur hurting my hearts i mean OUR HEARTS ! . . i guess thats all er , baibai ? :)

Monday, November 1, 2010