Monday, August 23, 2010


heyyy .. yes hari x pergi sekolah awesome kan ! and kak nadia say i'm onlining facebook duhh mmg x ahh ! hey hey hari x nak pergi sekolah soooo sooo the awesome awesome !! haha i just can;t fight this feeling we should be lover's ! <3 i love him honestly! so do you guys have secret admires ? or something just like me? yes every girls got somebody to love !!

Friday, August 20, 2010

don't fight :(

heyoooooo ... yes today hari jumaat !! kesian Z she's fighting alahhh jangan lah mcm tuuu . oh yeah about snatcher tooo jangan layang i think die punya otak ada rosak rosak -.- Z don't be sad life must go on get iitt ? nobody hate's you everybody love's you semua orang nak berkawan dengan u semua lelaki is trying to be you're friend just don't fightttt Z and yeah just like you said obviously die dengan S jeeeee !! >:( sampai <3 pon nak  buat ?! errrr --' 

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

folio and puasa :\

heyoo ! dah lama kot x buka my blog yeah baru hari ni buka -.- yes i was damn busy with my folio !! eish okay whatever but at least i'm done with my folio and puasa ? oh well what to yeah just now i just received my class photo i look horrible but aina say i'm hot in i was like er.. neyh it wont be haha but thanks aina for saying hot to me you look hot too sayang :) yes it's 2 in the morning tomorrow school -.-! ! yes i'm kinda bores hey but wait i just FINSHED reading 4 efisien blog it's awesome u should read it !! yess OMG i'm totally bored yeah about mr .m yes he's fine and awesome and hot and moreeee ! oh yeah about my folio esok kena hantar -.-!  ergh yeAH MY geografi teacher is noorlida yes she's awesome but eveerybody hate's her so i was like oo..okay get a life will you ? okayyyy i'm bored dayang ? yes she's sleeping and snorring ! -.- can't sleep need somethinggg to readd or to see yes every has there owh life my life is miserable ! i'm freaking hell cold with the air conditioner get it outt!! yes bored bored bored to be okay i think i'm sleepy i'm out choww sorry for the broken english i'm not in the mood actualy :\ okay i'm out bye 

Saturday, August 7, 2010

sombong bhaii!

yes gila sombong bdk tu kalau nak benci pon x yah lah sampai nak benci nalyysha ! ergh ckp HEY pon x nak balas arrogant much! eishh-.- alahhhh what a waste i say hey! and this is unfair :\ dengan perempuan lain boleh ckp hye or smthg!!! eish aina help meeeeeeeeeeeee! eeeeeeeeeeee chow

Tuesday, August 3, 2010


yess! i'm fighting with her haha not to wooryy she will say 'SORRY' to me yes she will yeah but she's awesome yes she is my besties and i love her (= yes she will! and yess she ask me too come over to her house thos saturday it will be awesome-ness and madness-ness! told you she will say sooryy haha who cares's she is my besties! okay i'm outt adios!

Monday, August 2, 2010

finding a new profile picture! -.-

yes i'm finding a new profile picture so i search search everywhere yes it is! and yes i dind't found it ! ergh what to do steal people photo HA HA nonono! that's not my job okayy YAY i found 1 only? okay whateverr so yes my lige is bored bored bored!! owh yeah nalyysha is chatiing with aina the hotstuff die tukar url blog die AGAIN! okay nak upload pics i'm outtt ADIOS!


yes me and dayang are getting crazy i just uploaded the photo that we take together there's a lot more but dayang say 'NO' yesss okayyyyy we are getting crazy and crazy yesss we are awesome awesome awesome:) yes sometimes we fight sometimes we are crazy sometimes we share story and yes i love her she been nice to meet yeessss! okay i'm awesome she is awesome too so we are awesome yes she is and i'm bored this photo is more to come as weellll yesss!  yessss and yesss i love herrrrrrr! <3

so who's ur besties? yes my besties is dayang sitinor haliza! yes she is awesome HA HA is really fun saying AWESOME

me & dayang crazy time:)


Sunday, August 1, 2010

aina and ika:)

                                                          yes aina and ika:)

10:55 am

yeshhh i'm getting for school wait 10:55 am okay whatever yes getting ready la la la lah :p! okay today is going to be and awesome day for me because i have a big fight withhh *toooottt* yes i hate her very veryy yes i hate her alot ! ergh okay whatever but i hate her yes she is a bad girl yes she isss! okay is getting ready today is monday "waiiittttt' i forget "YASSIN' okayyy we must pased form 5 class butbut me no loikeloike! ergh okay whatever at least i have syira yes syira is my pet sister! okay she treats me like a awesome person (perassan) okay she is awesome same goes too her sister yusrina  (my pet sister 2) okayy yus and syira is very the BOOM yes they are hot,awesome and etc.. yes i'm bored since just now ?    owh yeah semalam i sleep at 4:00 am yess nak cari lagu awesome yess now i'm totally sleepy! :0 

see it u will know!

                                   we can pretend airplane in the night sky like shooting star:)

thinking of you:)


yusrina & syira


school yes everybody hates school rite? yes i hate school really hate school! back to school NO WAY HOZAE ! yesssss i hate school do you like school? if u like get away from me because i hate school nononono! butbut i need to go school erghhhhh! yes but we need to sucess eerghhhhhhhhh! ADIOS!




hello guys whatcha doin? yes i'm bored really bored okay its 8:48 am facebook is open blog is open but no one too chat -.- ergh yes i'm bored my life is fully bored yes and i'm weird really weird okay what to say think think
ermmm...bored to be! 5 people yang online yes ahhhh! oh yeah today school noooooo!! nnk ada ergh bored dowhhh owh but i will see him at school AWESOME to be yes i'm awesome EWW... NONONO yes i'm awesomeee ergh! oh yeah i'm listening my song "airplane" 'we can pretend like airplane from the night sky like shooting star' <3 CRAPS whateverrrrrrrrr i'm boreddd

justin bieber -.-

JUS-TIN BI-BIR AKA JUSTIN BIEBER  wellooooooww! yess justin bieber that i call justin bibir yes to me he a gay ! to my fallow friends why do you guys like justin ewww...jalan kaki lah justin bieber aina pon cakap !:) I HATE HIM i hate him really hate him to ika why do you heart justin? ewwww...shoo shoo justin!  haha ika don't be mad at me bit to me justin is really LMFAO hate him!!! okay i will stooopppp at hereeee:)