Thursday, September 30, 2010

fight for this love baby :D

 daaaaad , i want that dress pwueaseeeee D:

hello bloggers and pondan's :)

heeey , i'm not feeling weell dind't go to school for 3 days ! guess what , i'm gedik :) haha , who cares my temperature 38 degrees D: hingus hingus ! booyaah :)
fight for this love :)
eh , i wanna change my blog title to 'skinny thight jeans' or 'supermasive' ? haha , i think i will put the first one kaan ? awesome sikit ! *SMILE*
baby i don't need a parachute baby if i got you , ur gonna catch me ? haha *rolling eyes*
i guess i'm not falling in love .. so blah blah  . >_<
okaay byeee :)
tatatatatata :D

p/s : rumah sakina ? besar bhaai ! beat that sakina awesome ! ur house it's big as SUN !
make me proud someday :)

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