Tuesday, September 28, 2010

hello bitch :)

hello bloogers :D

Today we will be talking about two girls (or maybe more) i so totally hate. the losers are, ******** the oh-so-pathetic, lifeless, fckface retard who looks like my shit but i think mine looks better than their bitchy face. anyhoo, if you're reading this crap means that i really hate you and one day other than me, someone whom you are going to be very afraid other than ALLAH is going to teach you a very good lesson which would be respect. you said you were gonna slap me but boy would i love you to do that. If you lay your dirty smelly hands on me, so help me I will crush you into pieces and you don't wanna mess with me. You might not be afraid of me, not just yet. What do i care about your mother or your father? huh? they are just two regular parents ok? what? do you possibly think anyone whom you have hurt would like to be friends with you again? i don't fucking think so. they all think you're just some wannabe who has an attitude like a 'pantat'. HAHA. I would hate to be you. uggghh, you disgust me. ;D


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