Tuesday, September 28, 2010

this girl :)

*There’s this boy the one and only wonder of this world
And it don’t matter if the road gets rough if me rich or poor
he stay down with me if me go to war 

Love you cuz you are, every single star
In the constellation, that’s enlightening my heart
Special gift from Jah, wherever you are
boy you got more presents than a hundred santa clauses,
And I know  we’ll stand together when the world falls down
And I know  that our forever’s gonna start right now, yeah

These are hardest times, love’s so hard to find
Blessed is the man who has a woman at his side
This for you I write, never do me wrong
If you’re ever missing me just listen to this song
And you know  we lay together when the sun goes down
And I know  still be together when it comes back ’round *

heeeey ! imma bee and imma bored girl ! 

hehehe , x pergi sekolah because demam :) *ponteng was invented by nobody*
bahahaha =p
yeah tengah chatting dengan athirah *classmates*

ainaa i love you boo :) okay sebenar nya x tau nak ckp apa laa :O
teehee .. okaaay byeeee !

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