Saturday, July 31, 2010

kieyna first make-up:\

first time make up imagine that ! HA HA laugh out loud!:) okay kieyna asked me to make up her face like a peacock and i was just like alright lets do this dude! okay this how the story begin she close her eyes okay so i was like awesome i wanted too 'gotcha u' and my heart say ohh yeah this is the time to revenge my dear nalyysha okay i started with her eyes i put the brush on her eye the colour is blue. i make a big round circle in her eye and i mixed it with pink she say nice colour so in my heart i was laughing! and the pink colour i put it at her nose and this part was awesome! i ask her to take the lipstick and a brush and i make a big circle at her mouth so i was like laughing out loud yeah what a fun mindnight day:) and kieyna thats my revenge to you:) awesome aite!!

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