Saturday, July 31, 2010


ALJENDRO ok this dude is in class 1 .... ok he is reallyyy hot and awsome! i started to love him in since 12.7.2010 yeah i remember the date that i started to love him really honestly...he is romantic and blahblah ! okay my friend here been in love with him i mean a really really sweet couple but they broke up :( (sad) and yeah i heart him very very much and i call him ALJENDRO that is his nick name for me by the way i don't want people to know that i loved ALJENDRO! people who know that i love 'A' is 'aina,dean,dayang,anis,ain,aida,rizal(i think)okay i think that's all the awesome people who know okay ! chowwwww 


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