Saturday, July 31, 2010

miss you!

i miss you dear ! today is my really awsome day! yeah today i my dad birthday 1 august dude! imagine that 1 august okat whateverrr! yeah i'm watching 'PHINEAS AND FERB' okayyyyy im bored really freaking bored yess and kieyna is not here she's attending a wedding a really really boring wedding! so hell yeah nalyysha is home alone neeed somebody to talk withh ergh im bored really bored so! -.-  evil thingy! yeah bust them who im going to bust no one i wish u were here cousin yeah i miss you to death but u are in 'UNITED KINGDOM' yes i wish i was there with youuu! butbut RAYA i will be with you aite! yessss AINA on lah where are u dude! okayyyy i'm out!

-aina online-

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