Friday, October 15, 2010

ur so lucky :)

hye , i think i'm in love with this boy .. but i'm so scared !!help me , i think i'm in love with him since i add him as my friend . he's so kind and sweet and he always make me laugh when i'm sad .. i need someone like you to be my boyfriend =) can you ? i guess not . i tried to text him and it failed because he gave me a FAKE number . -.-' and he laugh at me . but lastly u always make me smile . owh we talk alot like veryvery much . we laugh together too hee , ur awesome but i wish ur mine .. i know ur gonna felt in love with that song that i gave to you hee :) owh i guess I LOVE YOU :) okaay i'm out bye =)

*When a girl cries over a boy, its not very suprising...but when a boy cries over a girl...its heartbreaking to watch...*
muse - starlight 

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