Thursday, October 14, 2010

the girl with the big brown eyes :)

heey , its been so long i dind't update my blogie . so last week i dind school about 3 days and for 1 day , actually the 1 day that i'm talking about is about my neck i think my neck cycho . haha , and the 3 days because of holiday for PMR week . yeah hope you guys get A's in pmr =) lotsa love okaaaaaay , i'm hearing 'the woman with the big BROWN eyes' cool , just like my eyes -.-' haha . oh yeah i'm in love with someone i mean not IAN FIQRI that other guy -.- and please i'm not in love with ian he's just my bestfriend ? gee , do you like him ? go and take him  i don care you ditch . oh yeah btw justin bieber is not an old man . and i'm really proud XD . i lovee you JB . i think i'm addicted to PURPLE !!! WOAH , i think im belieber ! (betul ke eja) ? haha . owh rite if today is my birthday do you guys will say happy birthday nelly ? or smthg . oh yeah just now in class we sing a happy birthday song to qurratul ! HAPPY BIRTHDAY QURRATUL , MAY YOU HAVE A BLAST DAY :) XOXO ! and quratul never say never okay ? =) haha , owh yeah justin biebers said : happy birthday quratul =) oh yeah quratul be GAY =) haha yeah we made a birthday card for you only you , and athirah gave you a lolipop big one ryte ? so are happy with out TEAMWORK? haha . okay i guess this is the end of the story byeee :)

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