Tuesday, September 21, 2010


just fight with her ? yeaaah it was AH - SOME ! yeaah me plus you .. we fight at school i borring dude
she just ask me for a war but but wait ! i'll give u more then a WAR ! urgh ... i was not in the mood and she appears and i was like GOD please take my life XD !
     waaaaait ... but this WAR was like the AH - SOME in my life i've never fight just for this *TOOOT* . let's not talk about thiss it's freaking boreed !

heey ! just now at school it was aaaaaaaa ? yeaaah , sakina die x ckp 'hey' or something okaay but whateveeer  . and aina was like the insane girl and and do not say to aina sakina is awesssome ! she will be like urghh ! bahaha  . hey wait were's dayang she's missing ? oh meeeen !!
  OH GOD ! blaaa blaaaa blaaaa ! ainaaa asal x on ? adoiyaai ?!  my life is kinda boring ! oh god i can't believe that *eeeiiiiiit* was like the fuckerrr man !!
    okaay ... i thought that she will be my AH - SOME friends but she she the little bitch just like BOOM ! maaan !

P/s : dayang is my new GIRLFRIEND

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  1. hey kak sha that was totally cool i loved your picture post what i mean is the "R.I.P cirdecats" it was totally cute . anyway bile kak sha nk dtg umh nnk lgi??