Wednesday, September 22, 2010

pissed off


 i'm so pissed of today , i waas in HELL ! GOSH ... why do you must to tell people that i like him ? and what's ur problem dude ! whaat did u call me ? 'PEREMPUAN SAMPAH' am i too sampah for you ! did i bug you ? NO stupid i did nooot get the heell awaaaay from me ! and don't think i'm in LOVE witth you ! u sucks and u ruin my brand new lifeeee .. i don't care you wanna FUCK that girl i don't care .. u ask me for a WAR man to me ur like the uglay people in my lifee .. i did now you hate me ! yeah but firstly i just want to tell you ' i don't give a  crap ' and guys stop calling me *tooot * 
   FUCK off laaa ! and i don't lovee him that much ! i just ohh dammit just forget it guys  ! is this ur fault babi -.- ? so what's next u want to tell the whole that that i'm in love with him ! is that ur life babi ? are u lifeless or something ! i don't mean to say this but yeaah why ur acting like this ? letmesee ! if i tell the whole world about ur secrets thingy what do you feel ? 
embaressed ! GOSH ! 

thanks aina for the information

p/s : fuck her is more better than learning :)

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