Friday, September 24, 2010

I don't need you anymore *if I ever did*

 I don't need you any more, if I ever did,
You don't come back to haunt me,
Nor the words you said;
Your erased from my memories,
I don't catch myself flipping my lid.

I don't want you any longer, if I ever did,
Your no more a shadow,
No more a presence;
Sayanora and goodbye, to things you hid.

What things you ask, what did you hide?
The fact that love was not evident,
When I stood by your side;
The fact that you still hurt me,
And that I can't abide.

i don't hunger for your kiss, if I ever did,
Nor your embrace, if I ever did,
Nor your carress, if I ever wanted such;
You took me down, along with you,
On that fearsome, final, skid.

Good riddance, that's all that I can give you,
Good luck to those that know your name,
This is my last goodbye to all I knew,
I no longer want to share with you, the shame. 

p/s : i know my english turn too manglish :)

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