Tuesday, August 17, 2010

folio and puasa :\

heyoo ! dah lama kot x buka my blog yeah baru hari ni buka -.- yes i was damn busy with my folio !! eish okay whatever but at least i'm done with my folio and puasa ? ohh..now oh well what to yeah just now i just received my class photo i look horrible but aina say i'm hot in i was like er.. neyh it wont be haha but thanks aina for saying hot to me you look hot too sayang :) yes it's 2 in the morning tomorrow school -.-! ! yes i'm kinda bores hey but wait i just FINSHED reading 4 efisien blog it's awesome u should read it !! yess OMG i'm totally bored yeah about mr .m yes he's fine and awesome and hot and moreeee ! oh yeah about my folio esok kena hantar -.-!  ergh yeAH MY geografi teacher is noorlida yes she's awesome but eveerybody hate's her so i was like oo..okay get a life will you ? okayyyy i'm bored dayang ? yes she's sleeping and snorring ! -.- can't sleep need somethinggg to readd or to see yes every has there owh life my life is miserable ! i'm freaking hell cold with the air conditioner get it outt!! yes bored bored bored to be okay i think i'm sleepy i'm out choww sorry for the broken english i'm not in the mood actualy :\ okay i'm out bye 

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