Sunday, August 1, 2010

10:55 am

yeshhh i'm getting for school wait 10:55 am okay whatever yes getting ready la la la lah :p! okay today is going to be and awesome day for me because i have a big fight withhh *toooottt* yes i hate her very veryy yes i hate her alot ! ergh okay whatever but i hate her yes she is a bad girl yes she isss! okay is getting ready today is monday "waiiittttt' i forget "YASSIN' okayyy we must pased form 5 class butbut me no loikeloike! ergh okay whatever at least i have syira yes syira is my pet sister! okay she treats me like a awesome person (perassan) okay she is awesome same goes too her sister yusrina  (my pet sister 2) okayy yus and syira is very the BOOM yes they are hot,awesome and etc.. yes i'm bored since just now ?    owh yeah semalam i sleep at 4:00 am yess nak cari lagu awesome yess now i'm totally sleepy! :0 

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