Saturday, July 31, 2010

kieyna :)

boooyahh!! hey okay kieyna? what a weird name for a person okay kieyna is my cousin she is freaky and awsome:) kieyna is in standard 6 okay i hate her a lot!! yeah she likes sohee in wonder girls -.- yeah korean eww..okayokay she is hates me when i write eww to korean i love her just like my cat yeah her fce just like a ugly betty cat:) HAHA! okay we always and always fight for something yeah when we in childhood i like to fight with her! yeah ans i win well u know me HAHA! okay she has a tiny brother his name is aljendro hahah! (nonono) sorry wrong name *ettttttt* okay his real name is adeeb and we call him adeebi:) adeeb is in standard 3 and he is awesome tiny boy! ohh yeah i forgot that kieyna always and always say BAD WORDS haha! and adeeb say stupid things! chowww :)

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